Life is a Journey…

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I write blogs in my head while I’m driving alone and have a few minutes. They never come to reality and I will rewrite them again once I’m in the car alone. So today on this lovely Sunday afternoon I have finally taken the time to sit down and make my first attempt!

16 years ago we moved from Toronto to Prince Edward County to be close to family (Kingston), have babies and immerse ourselves in the wine industry. Life is a journey and I am so happy that Prince Edward County is a part of ours.

Before we moved here in 2003 we took a lovely drive from Toronto on a lovely September afternoon in 2002, we happened upon Closson Road and a solitary older gentleman tending vines in a vineyard. We stopped and spent an hour visiting with Bob Granger (getting a sunburn) and fell in love with an idea! It was before The Grange of Prince Edward had refurbished their barn and finished planting their acreage. What an exciting and progressive time for us to join this beautiful community!